Monday, August 04, 2008

DUBROVNIK - Final Destination

Sarajevo- DUBROVNIK, Croatia.

Our Final desination. First night we caught the sunset of the old town by taking a hike round the city walls.

The light was actually this colour. We we're lucky to get this shot as the same view the next day was littered with cruise ships.

I took a decent supply of Suki Tea with me on my hols but ran out of Belfast Brew so had to resort to 'ground pleasure'. A substitute that sufficed but wasn't like the real thing.

Our appartment, 80 steps up behind the old church. the old, very small church.
NOVI SAD- Serbia to SARAJEVO - Bosnia.

An 8 hour coach ride accross the border through the mountains to Sarajevo. A town we soon noticed had many bars and trendy hangouts. We soon felt at home.

Samantha in Nivia Bar.

The Holiday Inn where all the journalists documented the troubles from. Sniper alley infront.

As you can see the scars of the conflict are still visible.

Leaving Sarajevo on our way to Dubrovnic we stopped in MOSTAR. the ancient bridge was blown up and the locals rebuilt it brick by brick.

For about £190.00 you can see one of the locals dive off. Danger money! We decided not to bother.

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