Saturday, February 21, 2009


Not so much the Oscars movies award’s, more my personal predictions for what is up and coming in the world of tea. My definitive guide to what is going to be hot (quite literally) in 2009.


SUKI TEA London Fog
Not something from the backdrop of Sweeney Todd, but a drink invented to support Fairtrade Fortnight, 23rd Feb – 8th March. It’s made with a strong quarter cup of Earl Grey (preferably Suki Tea Organic Fairtrade Earl Grey Blue Flower), topped with steamed milk. Add vanilla essence or honey to sweeten. This is a ‘Tea Latte’ and is delightfully refreshing.

Theatrical Teas
The drama queen of teas. A chestnut sized bundle made of hand sewn fine white tea. Added to a large glass, small jug or glass teapot, the tea majestically unravels to produce a bouquet of tea leaves, sometimes centred with a flower. A great dinner party piece and above all the tea is very tasty. I have seen these popping up all over the UK in restaurants and I think they will be a big hit this year.

Matcha Latte
The movie star’s choice. This took a slow start last year but I can see its popularity catching on as the health benefits are huge. More on Matcha and health.

Chai Latte
Following the success of the Danny Boyle’s fantastic Slumdog Millionaire I’m positive that Chai will be even more popular in 2009. To get the proper Chai experience forget synthetic syrup’s and opt for the original loose leaf tea and spice blend. Chai is best made with pure milk and honey simmered in a saucepan. A very comforting and refreshing tea.

Loose leaf ‘tea to go’
It was about four years ago that we were approached by Coffee Yard in Holywood (that’s Holywood Co Down, not Los Angeles) and asked if we could supply tea for their opening. They were our first wholesale customer and it is amazing to think how far Suki Tea and the perception of loose leaf tea have come. More and more café’s, deli’s and restaurants are choosing to ditch the dusty teabag and rather opt for quality in the form of loose leaf tea.
Even ‘Tea to Go’, fresh tea for when you’re on the move, has been made simple by the use of the Tea Pocket. These are empty teabags which support using loose leaf tea. Tea Pockets are ideal for café’s and popular if you want to take an individual sachet to work.

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