Monday, August 03, 2009

Earthy Goodness.

I was in Edinburgh for a couple of days the other week and managed to get chatting to Pete Jackson of Earthy. Situated on Ratcliff Terrace just off Minto St (aka, north street/Nicholson st/clerk st). It's a haven of goodness. MAP
Pete showed utter enthusiasm for what him and his business partners Chris, Dirk, and Patricia do, which is source great food from passionate produceers, growers and makers. An environment has been created which food lovers will. . .well, just love. I was with another self confessed food lover, we both had a bite to eat in the cafe area which we both agreed was well above standard. I have been to a few places now that have tried to achieve what Pete and Co have fully accomplished. Can you tell that I liked it! A must visit, and yes. . .they sell all Suki Teas Fairtrade range. Apparently Fairtrade Organic Earl Grey Blue Flower is the most popular choice there.

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