Thursday, October 09, 2008

Great Taste Champions celebrate Chocolate Week 2008

Great Taste Champions celebrate Chocolate Week 2008

Celebrate Chocolate Week 2008 with the best of Belfast produce in ‘Made in Belfast’
Northern Ireland’s 2008 Great Taste champions Co Couture and Suki Tea are coming together for a Tea & Chocolate tasting master class as part of Chocolate Week 2008.
The unique event, the first of its kind to be held in Northern Ireland, will be hosted in the electric new restaurant ‘Made in Belfast’ on Thursday, 16th October starting at 5.45pm to 7.15pm.

Chocolate Week is the biggest, most indulgent, chocolate celebration enjoyed in the UK. It allows foodies to find out more about chocolate, it’s origins, cocoa beans, how it is made and also taste the finest chocolate in the world.
Northern Ireland has even more reason to celebrate chocolate Week as Sir Hans Sloane who first brought chocolate to the UK’s shores 350 years ago and reported to have invented milk chocolate was from Killyleagh.
The Suki Tea and Co Couture master class will cover what makes a good cuppa and great chocolate and how to tell the difference between the good, the bad & the ugly!
Participants will also get to enjoy limited edition Co Couture / Suki Tea truffles made exclusively for the event.
For more details or booking please visit Made in Belfast, Wellington St, or
or call 078 8889 9647

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