Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Afternoon Tea


New Irish Designers on the Cat Walk

A Fashion Show-Tea Party exhibiting new, cutting-edge talent from the world of Irish Fashion Design is taking place in the Westbury Hotel, Dublin on May 20th at 7.30pm all proceeds donated to Crumlin’s Childrens Hospital.

Featuring the work of graduates from all of Ireland’s fashion schools, the tea party is a chance to see a cross-section of work, the emerging trends and styles from young designers already making their mark in Ireland’s boutique and fashion industry. All handmade and 100% Irish, fashion-lovers will enjoy original designs, couture, organic and bespoke garments. Between them, they are finalists from Student Fashion Competitions, boutique managers and suppliers, fashion buyers,Stylists and independent designers, whose work is already available in some of Dublin’s coolest Fashion outlets.

Sponsored by Suki Tea, the fashion tea party guests will experience complimentary Suki teas, and scrumptious tea cakes, in an elegant yet quirky tea party environment.
TV3’s Expose will be covering the event. Provincial and national media will also be present. Kip Carroll, well known and celebrated photographer, will also be covering the show.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Britney does tea.

Not the usual tea news but Britney Spears advertising tea is a must for the news. From Pepsi to tea. If we could afford someone to advertise SUKI TEA I think I would choose Bjork. Mainly because I love her quirky look. Who do you think fits the job? email me and let me know.

GG Tea is apparently from Japan, though there seems to be a distinct lack of actual information regarding the product. But if it's good enough for Britney Spears, who plugged it in a commercial some time back, then it's good enough for me.Aint pop culture wunnerful. From teaguyspeaks.
Join Flashmob for the next event.

This Saturday Samantha and I joined some friends, along with a whole crowd of people I only know through Facebook to Belfasts first FLASHMOB freeze. We congregated at the city hall at 1pm to be briefed and 25 mins later stood frozen for exactly one minute in the centre of Victoria Square. There we're approximately 30 people who showed up but we hope that next time there will be a lot more. Join the group if you want to know where the next one is.
Brilliant fun!

Update on what I've been up to. . .

This is one of my sketches from Friday nights brilliant night out. B movie themed scantilly clad women (and men) posing for a very interesting drawing class. The night ended with a DJ. managerie, Belfast. (see website for full story coming soon)

Next Dr Sketchy's Anti Art School 3rd May.

Times Online Suki Tea review.
The Times Online flagged up our excellent tea in a new article on really Good Food in Belfast. Follow the link to read more: TIMES ONLINE

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