Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Belfast Festival embraces tea as theme.

Belfast 'Festival of Fools' entertained everyone last weekend with a some of the worlds best street performers. In between concert going and life drawing (of sorts...see I managed to get a few photo's of the entertainers.

This image was taken in a maze in front of Belfast City Hall. I have to admit, puts a new meaning on leaf tea eh.

This chap was one part of Banjo Circus. The world's smallest banjo circus. A great show combining acrobatics, lasso, juggling and of course banjo's. For his final act . . . if you can't make out what that guy has on his head it's a teacup. On the end of his stick was a teapot. He managed to fill his teapot with water (Suki Tea may have been a little too hot), pour a cup of mock tea and proceed to balance it on his head. Sounds daft. . . it was, but fantastically funny and actually very impressive.

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